Elle Connelly


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"She had many women friends, enjoyed professional success as an administrator in a real estate office, and her relationships with men were always extremely problematic."
                                     The US Review of Books 2015

This is the life story of Eleanor Connelly (Elle, Ellie) born in 1956.
She grew up on Staten Island, New York.
She was raised in dysfunctional family, as most in that time At a very young age she realized that she would not fit into the wants of her family. She marries and has two children before the age of twenty-five.At the age of twenty-four she seeks out therapy to understand her insecurities and unhappiness
Crossroads were only four years in Ellie's life and she writes of the events and people that changed her life. She said it may have only been four years of her fifty- seven years but the memories and friendships will last throughout her life.
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